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Class Descriptions

AHA Standards
OSHA Recognized
Approved by the Maryland Department of Education

On-site training and group discounts available.

Online classes now available

+ Adult, Infant, Child CPR
This course includes instruction on CPR for adult, child and infant; choking; recognition, prevention and treatment of cardiopulmonary emergencies and stroke; education on bloodborne pathogens; and use of barrier devices. Includes a 2-year student certification card. AED Certification can be added to any CPR class.

+ AED/Adult CPR
This course is designed to instruct students in the use of an AED. It also includes instruction on adult CPR. Includes a 2-year certification card for Adult CPR/AED.

+ Professional Rescuer CPR
This course provides healthcare professionals and individuals who have a job-related duty to respond to emergencies with the knowledge and skills to recognize and provide care in respiratory and cardiac emergencies. These skills include: Performing two-rescuer CPR and techniques for special rescue situations, using resuscitation masks and bag-valve masks for ventilating victims and proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

+ Basic First Aid
This course includes instruction on recognizing the signs and symptoms of sudden illness or injury, and how to respond while maintaining your own safety. It also covers how to splint fractures, control bleeding, treat victims for shock as well as many other emergency situations encountered by rescuers every day. It discusses what is needed to prepare for a medical emergency. Includes a 2-year certification card.

+ Basic First Aid & CPR
This course includes information from the Basic First Aid and Basic CPR courses. Includes a 2- year student certification card. AED can be added to any CPR class.

+ Bloodborne Pathogens
This course is designed to satisfy the training requirements of the federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. Course topics include HIV, hepatitis B and C, Personal Protective Equipment, Universal Precautions, workplace transmission, Engineering and Work-practice Controls, Exposure Control Plan, management of sharps, blood spills and regulated waste, labeling, hand washing, hygiene, maintenance, housekeeping, hepatitis B Vaccination, and postexposure procedures. This course will help employees understand the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens in the workplace. Students will learn to minimize risks and learn what actions to take if exposure to bloodborne pathogens occur.

This class is good for 2 clock hours in Health, Safety and Nutrition for Maryland childcare providers.

+ Babysitter Training (11+ years old)
This class gives students ages 11+ the opportunity to earn certification in Babysitter training.

The babysitting course is designed for children ages 11+ wishing to work as mother's helpers or babysitters. This course will cover:

This course is offered through the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland.

Registration for this class is handled directly by the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland by going to their website at and downloading a registration form (you may register online if you are a member of the GSCM) or by calling (410) 358-9711. Class calendar can be viewed on the GSCM website.

Students should bring a snack. Fee includes all materials and certification.

Teen CPR and First Aid with certification is also offered by Real Life CPR through GSCM. Please see their website or contact us directly for further information on these classes.

Girl Scouts can earn requirements toward the Child Care IPA!

Classes are ongoing throughout the year.

Real Life CPR offers a practice guarantee. If for any reason you feel you need more practice after attending one of our classes, you may attend another one of our available classes in the next 30 days for free for more hands-on practice!